Sustainable trays and shipping cartons

We're helping to protect the forest

Our new, climate neutral single-material packaging for the cans (can trays) and our new shipping boxes are made from recycled paper. By using this carbon neutral packaging, Terra Canis is doing its bit for climate protection, both within Germany and internationally. All of the carbon offsetting takes place via a climate protection project which is certified in accordance with international standards, and protects 99,035 hectares of Amazon rainforest - home to a great diversity of plants and animals ( The project area is in Lábrea, in the Brazilian state of Amazonas.

Additional commitment: One tree for every tonne of CO2 offset 
Because climate change is being felt in Europe, too: Forest fires destroy large areas, and destructive weeds spread particularly quickly in the forests which have been weakened in this way. Tree species such as pine trees are affected badly by drought and heat because their shallow roots are not able to reach deeper strata of the Earth which contain water. This is why we support reforestation and the conversion of forests into mixed woodland. The tree planting is carried out in cooperation with organisations which have many years of in-depth experience.
It is to this end that our packaging producer collaborates with the organisation “ClimatePartner”, which provides climate neutral certification. ClimatePartner helps companies to calculate their CO2 emissions, to implement climate protection strategies and to offset their CO2 emissions by being involved in recognised climate protection projects. In this way, it is possible for products and companies to become climate neutral.