First Aid Professor Moro's Carrot Soup

  • 100% Human-grade quality of all ingredients
  • Made with much love and care
  • Low-fat light diet for temporary irritations
  • Soothing effect on the gastrointestinal system 
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Developed with veterinarians


Without unnecessary additives


100% human-grade quality of all ingredients




100% natural


Carrot (50%), water, Andean salt

Professor Moro’s Carrot Soup – an old recipe for success from nutritional science

Professor Moro’s carrot soup
PROFESSOR MORO’S CARROT SOUP can be traced back to Professor Ernst Moro, who was senior physician at Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität in Munich at the start of the 20th century. The soup is made from just a few ingredients – carrots, water and a bit of salt. The carrots are cooked in water at a ratio of 1:2 for at least 90 minutes at 100°C. The secret of this soup is the oligogalacturonic acids that are created during cooking. They are similar to the receptors on the surface of the intestinal wall and can make a positive contribution to intestinal health. In addition to oligogalacturonic acids, the carrot provides a variety of important vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, for example, which supports the balance of the intestinal barrier as well as oral immune tolerance. In the event of acute diarrhoea, the dog should be served Professor Moro’s soup several times a day instead of their usual food for 1–2 days. On the second or third day, the soup can be alternated or mixed with the dog’s usual food until their stool is stable again.

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Analytical components

Protein: 0.5 % fat content: 0.1 % crude fibre: 0.1 % crude ash: 1.4 % moisture: 93.5 %
MJ/kg: 0.8

Feeding recommendation

Dog's weight - Feeding recommendation/day:
(Adult, normal-weight dog)

5kg           150 - 200g
10kg          300 - 400g
20kg          600 - 800g
30kg          900 - 1200g

Highest quality and species-appropriate recipes

In nature, cats hunt their prey for direct consumption. Each hunt means a freshly caught meal. In this way, the cat instinctively provides itself with nutrients of exceptional quality and maximum freshness. Terra Felis is based on this unique quality concept in nature. For the menus, only human-grade quality ingredients are used. This makes Terra Felis the first cat food in 100 % human-grade quality of all ingredients, setting it apart from all other products on the market in terms of quality. In addition to the quality of ingredients, a species-appropriate recipe is essential for the health of the cat. With 90 % meat and nutritious offal, a low proportion of fibre in the form of vegetables, no grain and the addition of taurine, it imitates the natural prey of the cat perfectly. In this way, the cat’s organism is supplied with all the important nutrients in the highest possible quality. 



So sorgt Terra Felis für glaubwürdige Kundenbewertungen

Gesund und lecker!

Ich war so begeistert vom Geruch und der natürlichen Farbe, dass ich selbst mal probieren musste! Einfach lecker! Luna hatte eine kränkliche Zeit leider bis vor 3 Monaten. Die Suppe hat sie gut bekommen sowie die Schonkost dazu. Es geht ihr seitdem PRIMA!

Patrizia, 15.06.2021

Geniale Idee

Die beste Erfindung aller Zeiten! Habe immer ein paar Dosen daheim. Hilft sehr gut.

Sandra, 21.07.2020

Lecker... :-)

Wird sehr gerne gegessen, auch in Kombination mit dem anderen Nassfutter. Habe auch selbst probiert und festgestellt, dass das Futter meiner Hündinnen heute besser geschmeckt hat als mein eigenes

Andreas, 26.04.2020

Tolle Idee

Super tolle Idee! Man hat ja nicht immer die passenden Zutaten im Haus. Hab gerade eine Dose geöffnet, Hunde sind begeistert. Schrank ist voll, für den Notfall oder einfach mal zwischendurch.

Sabine, 20.03.2020