Xani, Alexa & Anna

Dear Terra Canis team,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart. Our dog food really was our last resort and we are very very happy that you are here! At the beginning of this year, our little Alexa (a 2-year-old Chihuahua) wasn’t fine anymore. She had a potbelly and no matter what we tried or what we were advised (raw feeding, for example), it was fruitless or didn’t change the situation noticeably. This August, the situation became very bad.

Alexa suddenly had a real cat’s arched back, was stock-still and could barely move. When you wanted to touch her, she whimpered and felt pain. She no longer was “our Alexa”. She was so tired and exhausted that we were on the edge of despair. Furthermore, her liver function reading was increased. Then we prepared food for her ourselves, chicken with carrots. However, her stool was an indefinable mass. The medical food she was prescribed alleviated her digestion disorders a bit only in the beginning. However, Alexa’s coat became very dry, had dandruff and she vomited every morning. She started to scratch herself so heavily that she became quite nervous and unbearable. We didn’t know what to do and were really desperate.

Then we bumped into a walker who also had a Chihuahua and to whom we talked about our worries. She recommended us “Terra Canis” and said that her little Chihuahua was fed only this. We then bought the mini menu for small dogs and after one day, Alexa already went better – and, she was hungry again and was raring to eat. She was more relaxed, no longer had flatulence and didn’t have to vomit. Her stool became normal again. Her body no longer is bloated and she no longer is overweight. She weighs 2.3kg now and feels fine. She is active and happy – just as she used to be. Her coat is no longer covered with dandruff and it is shiny. Meanwhile, she knows exactly where your wet food stands as well as Canireo and Areo dry food and she melts away. We are so happy. Our other two Chihuahuas, little Anna (Alexa’s sister, 2 years old) and Xani Lou (6 years old) are only fed Terra Canis, too, and they love it. Xani always had small pimples on her body, especially around her ears and on her belly. Nobody could tell us to what this was due. Now I’m convinced that the pimples were symptoms of a food allergy or of bad food quality, respectively (although we always bought rather expensive food). Every now and then, Xani had terrible itching (especially around her lips) and no cream prescribed or change of food had any effects. Since August, she has been fed the Terra Canis mini menu as well and she jumps for joy when I open the small tin or give her Canireo or Kautschos as treats (which is quite positive as Xani is very picky and didn’t use to eat much). Her coat is no longer dry now.

We thank you so much and all our three girls want to thank you as well!

Attached please find pictures as we want to say thank you and show how fine they are. Our three little Chihuahuas would be pleased if you visited their Instagram account (@littlechisweethearts).

We are happy that our Chihuahua girls are doing fine now!

Thank you,

The Oettel family and their three girls