R. Salmen

Dear Terra Canis team,

I’m a breeder of Golden Retrievers and attach much importance to the nutrition and health of my dogs. Some weeks ago, I had eight wonderful babies with me. When they were four weeks old, I started to look for wet food and I quickly found what I was looking for. I read your website from top to bottom, read the reviews and opted for Terra Canis.

I ordered 12 tins of 800g puppy food each (lamb and chicken). When the food was delivered, I was positively surprised by its smell. My big dogs rose from their blankets and walked up to me right away. I then fed it to my puppies without having slowly accustomed them to the food so that they don’t get any digestive problems. They were fed wet food twice a day and dry food twice a day. I must say that I puréed the wet food during the first 3-4 days, as the dogs coped with the vegetables, which could still be recognized as cooked vegetables in the food, but the meat chunks posed problems. They preferred the puppy food lamb. (They were fed the one variety and then the other one). I didn’t feed the tins containing beef to my puppies since I don’t want to feed them beef. Well, every dog, whether small or big, likes wet food. Thus, the statement “Your dog will like our food” doesn’t mean anything to me. Everyone who had a puppy knows that the intestinal flora of puppies is not fully developed yet and that it sometimes causes loose stool or even diarrhea. That’s why food tolerance is the most important criterion for me when I choose food.

I can fully confirm that my puppies‘ stool was hard, that no puppy had a stomach ache or showed symptoms of malaise, although I skipped the adaptation phase. Thank God! As all my puppies grew so well and so equally, their stool was perfect :), and they were satisfied with my feeding schedule, I registered as a breeder with Terra Canis. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the doggy bags. The bag looks classy, contains a toy as well as 3 small tins with wet food and a small bag with treats which are said to be very delicious. My Dean, who was the last to be picked up by his new owners, stole the bag with the treats, ripped it up and lunged at the treats. Well, it seems that these treats are delicious indeed. His bag wasn’t in good order anymore, but who cares.

The families who still feed Terra Canis wet food and dry food to their puppies that I recommended only give positive feedback. I’m really glad about that. I think I’ll raise my next litters, too. The food is not really cheap, but the vet invoice is surely higher.

Thank you! I look forward to our future collaboration!

Kind regards,

R. Salmen