Nicole Roeder

Dear Terra Canis team,

For one year, I’ve been feeding my two female dogs only Terra Canis (wet food, treats, and as a reward during their exercises your dry food). I’m not going to buy anything else in the future and I wish we had come across your food much earlier. But well – better late than never. My both dogs (Border Collies) are rather old at 12 years (Cloud) and 14 years (Pearl).

Still last year, this was hardly obvious, but from one day to the next, Pearl changed enormously. The greedy and happy dog suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore, was powerless and could no longer control its bladder.

The blood samples and general examinations were without result and it seemed as if she showed normal symptoms of old age. However, if you feel that something is wrong with your dog, you leave no stone unturned as its owner. In an animal hospital, Pearl was examined closely and despite all positive blood samples, she had a cholecystitis which caused her pain. While she had to take antibiotics, I found – after hours of researching and reading medical books – food I was convinced of and I could feed without remorse. All food at home was exchanged for Terra Canis food.

The recommendation by your vet I had contacted was gold value. She saw to my inquiry right away and since then, my dogs have been fed your Senior line as well as your magic herbs (All Cleaned Up) and when we go for a walk, I feed them your treats and dry food. By the way, with your treats you can easily make a treat lead if you thread and hang up the Struppis. The dog then must fish the treats. That’s perfect when the weather is bad. Despite all forecasts, Pearl hasn’t had any problems with its gall bladder since the food was changed and she had to take antibiotics (knock on wood).

Both dogs love Terra Canis and Pearl has changed a lot. When we get to know new people, everyone is astonished when I tell them how old my dogs are – as my dogs have a beautiful coat and are as fit as a fiddle. I’m very glad to have found your food which I can feed without having remorse and which I can recommend. I know that I won’t buy anything else.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Nicole with Cloud and Pearl