It´s already been a few months now that I´ve been feeding my two pelt-noses TerraFelis, and it still tastes really good to them. All varieties- chicken, turkey, salmon, beef and rabbit- are all devoured up completely. Whereby, rabbit is the absolute favorite! Where everything else is always eaten in smaller bites, rabbit is immediately empty. It is simply mega that the food is so finely diced with lots of sauce added. Despite it being in a can, it doesn´t dry out so quickly, and stays fresh and juicy longer. In addition, it really smells delicious! I feed the 200g cans- one in the morning, and one in the evening. So I can portion off the units perfectly and nothing is left over. Quality, taste (according to my cats), consistency, smell, all absolutely great. And I love the exquisite design of the cans!