Elisabeth K.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to give you some feedback on your brand Terra Canis.
At the age of 8 weeks, we bought a purebred standard bull terrier from a breeder, without knowing what problems would arise. The breeder told us that we would have absolutely no problems with this breed.
Unfortunately, that was not the case. At the age of 9 weeks our male dog was already receiving antibiotics and other medication to fight giardia and diarrhea. In short: his intestinal problems began, and the food he was given by the breeder he barely tolerated. He was a poor little puppy.
After building up his intestinal flora, we did a lot of research on finding suitable dog food. After testing various brands, we finally discovered Terra Canis. I was immediately impressed by the ingredients, vitamins, and the taste!( Yes, we tried a spoonful of it). We also liked the appetizing look of it.
We have been feeding our bull terrier exclusively the cans of deer grain-free for the last two years. Recently, we have also been giving him the special grain-free treats with deer flavour, as a treat between meals.
Since we have found Terra Canis, we are not only happy and content, but our dog is feeling much better: he farts little to not at all, his coat is absolutely beautiful, and produces wonderful dog piles, compared to before he was fed Terra Canis. Therefore, the higher price is fine in this case, since I want to offer my dog a comfortable and healthy life, without suffering.
Naturally, I can not give a recommendation, since every dog is different( as is every human). I can only share my great experience, and tell everyone „try it“!!
Thank you Terra Canis for this great development. Your dog food is tops, and really tastes pretty good😉
Kind regards,
Elisabeth K.