Cornelia A.

Dear Terra Canis team,

Ferdinand, a 6-year-old French bulldog, and I want to take this opportunity to give feedback on your products and your service.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your perfect, extremely fast service which is always on time.

My little Ferdinand accompanies me 24 hours a day – also when I’m on a business trip or on holidays.

In June, we went to Naples in southern Italy for two weeks.

As we took the train, I asked Terra Canis to ship to our holiday address. We were very happy when Ferdinand’s favourite meals arrived at our address in Naples on time.

Unfortunately, my Ferdinand faces some digestion problems which are typical of his breed (regurgitation, boxer/bulldog colitis, flatulence, intolerances) so that we had to look for the right food for quite a long time. How fortunate that Ferdinand has not only been excited about eating Terra Canis for two years, he also tolerates quite a number of varieties. The cans which must not be missing during our trips are the gastrointestinal meals First Aid as well as the variety “turkey” for small dogs. However, he tolerates other varieties, too, especially the fruit mixes.

As my little one loves diversity, we also like the seasonal meals and the limited editions. We liked the Summer of Love edition of 2016 with tropical fruits and the Vietnamese tuna the most – please launch these editions again!

We have also tested several dietary supplements. The oils are marvellous!

The gastrointestinal paste would have a positive effect on Ferdinand’s digestion – however, although he was bribed and encouraged, he didn’t eat food which was mixed with the paste. Too bad.

The Terra Canis treats, however, are THE highlight every day – whether it is Strolchis, Struppis, Canipé crispy balls, garden drops or Lieblingswurst.

For me as his owner, it is great that even early in the morning, before I have breakfast, the food smells so appetising (even the varieties containing fish!) and the insides of the cans are covered with a plastic layer.

My little Ferdinand and I send you our regards. Please continue to focus on great quality and perfect service – many happy dogs and their owners will thank you!

We have attached some snapshots of our trip to Naples to say thank you.

P.S.: At the end of August, we are going on our next trip. This time, we are going to East Frisia. We trust that we will be able to count on your great and reliable service again.

P.P.S.: As I’m a vet, I’m also interested in your AliVet products. It would be great if you could send me some brochures that I can give to my patients’ owners. Please let me also know how I canpossibly order these products. I didn’t find enough information online.

I also want to send my regards to my counterparts, the Terra Canis vets!