Christiane Stein

Dear Terra Canis team,

I work in a pet shop and recommend Terra Canis to everyone who wants the best for their dog or whose dog has nutritional problems.

I feed my dogs raw food, but I also have many of your products: oil, vegetable mix, Superfoods, Berriefoods and many more. At the same time, we have Terra Canis 800g grain-free tins, as I can feed them my dogs without having to be scared that they don’t ingest it.

My older dog, Peaches, is one year old and had a rough start. During the winter, she had almost every disease and the worst one was Giardia, which destroyed her stomach. That’s why she had to take Panacur for several months. At first, I fed her Terra Canis puppy food, but she didn’t tolerate it. Therefore, I started raw feeding. Now I can also feed her your gastrointestinal menu or grain-free food. The grain-free treats are the best. That’s what she tolerates the best. No more diarrhea and no more vomiting, which makes me very happy. At the moment I feed her your herbal heroes for Scaredy Cats in the evening so that she can sleep all through the night and it helps her.

My little Leopold is 7 months old and a bit more robust. However, recently, he caught an infection. The gastrointestinal menus helped a lot. He also gets the herbal heroes Feeling Comfy every evening. He likes your gastrointestinal paste as well.And the Berriefoods. In every situation, you have the perfect food. As you can see in the picture, I also have tins for my two cats.

I feed raw food, but my husband and I love Terra Canis and like recommending it. At work, I recommend it as well.

Kind regards,

Christiane Annette Stein