Dear Terra Canis team,

The more I read about dog food, the more I’m convinced of Terra Canis.

But practice is more decisive than theory.

My dog suffered from a pathologically verified food allergy and had a liver tumor, which has been removed in the meantime. (I’ve told you about it).

A permanent stomach rumble, flatulence, vomiting in the morning, feed refusal, huge dog dirts…these are all symptoms no person (and especially no dog) needs!!!

I gave him dry food (a rival product) for sensitive dogs.:(((

For 8 weeks, I’ve been giving him Terra Canis grain-free wet food. ALL SYMPTOMS MENTIONED ABOVE HAVE DISAPPEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Benny (that’s the dog) doesn’t refuse any bite anymore! He eats all of it and then he licks out his bowl until it’s brightly polished!

As he has gained weight with your feeding recommendation (he weighs 5,5 kg), and still loses weight with 300g a day, I placed a trial order for a packet of dry food with you the day before yesterday. I was skeptical if he accepts it, but I’d like to feed him a bit more (of good quality!).

The parcel has arrived today. I opened it – which was almost impossible because Benny pushed to the front all the time :))-, I opened the dry food and…Benny’s snout disappeared in the packet and came out, CHEWING. Well, I’d say that’s animal feed acceptance…!!!

I think I don’t have to mention your “Wuffels”…those were eaten enthusiastically as well!

Now I hope that he will tolerate dry food as well as wet food. Then I can give him enough to eat every day so that he doesn’t lose any more weight.

Thank you so much for your good food and thanks to Ms. Stephan for her patience to read all my mails and to reply.

Regards – for today