Grain-free Beef with courgette, pumpkin and oregano

  • 100% Human-grade quality of all ingredients
  • Made with much love and care
  • High meat content
  • Rich in fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs
  • Ideal for dogs with a grain intolerance
  • Suitable for all adult normal-weight dogs of all breeds
Art.No. 120031 ·€14.35 / 1 kg
Art.No. 140031 ·€9.43 / 1 kg
12x 200g
Art.No. T120031 ·€13.63 / 1 kg
€34.43 5 % save €32.71*
6x 400g
Art.No. T140031 ·€8.95 / 1 kg
€22.62 5 % save €21.49*
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Made by master butchers


Developed with veterinarians


Grain & gluten-free


With calcium from oyster shells


100% human-grade quality of all ingredients


Without unnecessary additives


Beef heart muscle meat (43%), pumpkin (15%), beef lung (11%), courgette (9%), beef muscle meat (5%), parsnip*, beetroot*, coconut flour, linseed oil, pumpkin seed flour, oyster shell*, brewer’s yeast*, basil*, psyllium*, Andean salt, oregano* (0.1%), mineral clay*, chives*, parsley*, pollen*, seaweed*, minerals  *dried

Nutritional additives/kg:
Vit. A (3a672a): 4000 IE, Vit. D3 3a671): 500 IE, vit. E (3a700): 75 IE, copper (3b405): 2 mg, iodine (3b201): 0,8 mg, zinc (3b603): 20 mg 

Meat: vegetables/fruit/herbs : other raw ingredients = 59% : 38% : 3%

Terra Canis GRAIN-FREE

Terra Canis GRAIN-FREE meals have a high meat content and are complemented by lots of healthy, fibre-rich vegetables, fruit and herbs. Additives such as seaweed, mineral clay, eggshell powder, pollen, Andean salt and brewer’s yeast supply lots of natural vitamins and minerals. The easy-to-digest, cholesterol and gluten-free coconut flour it contains is a true miracle flour. It is considered one of the richest sources of fibre, is gentle on the intestine and contains a wide range of important amino acids. Linseed oil with its high content of Omega-3 fatty acids ideally rounds off the GRAIN-FREE menus. These menus are suitable for all healthy dogs whose owners place value on species-appropriate, grain-free nutrition as well as dogs with grain intolerances or dogs who need to be fed grain-free for medical reasons.
Complete food for dogs.

and many more ...

Analytical components

Protein: 9.3 % fat content: 7.8 % crude fibre: 1.2 % crude ash: 1.2 % moisture: 78.3 %
MJ/kg: 4.4

Feeding recommendation

Dog's weight - Feeding recommended/day:
(adult, normal-weight dog)
300 - 400g
10kg500 - 600g
20kg800 - 1000g
30kg1100 - 1400g
Approximate values to be adjusted to your dog's individual circumstances (exercise area, activity level, breed, metabolism, time of year).
We recommend regular weight checks.

Highest quality and species-appropriate recipes

In nature, cats hunt their prey for direct consumption. Each hunt means a freshly caught meal. In this way, the cat instinctively provides itself with nutrients of exceptional quality and maximum freshness. Terra Felis is based on this unique quality concept in nature. For the menus, only human-grade quality ingredients are used. This makes Terra Felis the first cat food in 100 % human-grade quality of all ingredients, setting it apart from all other products on the market in terms of quality. In addition to the quality of ingredients, a species-appropriate recipe is essential for the health of the cat. With 90 % meat and nutritious offal, a low proportion of fibre in the form of vegetables, no grain and the addition of taurine, it imitates the natural prey of the cat perfectly. In this way, the cat’s organism is supplied with all the important nutrients in the highest possible quality. 



So sorgt Terra Felis für glaubwürdige Kundenbewertungen

Leckeres Nassfutter

Wir haben jetzt mal Rind ausprobiert. Das Futter riecht lecker und wird super vertragen. Unsere Hündin bekommt jetzt eine Dose getreidefreies Nassfutter Huhn oder Rind, veŕteilt auf 2 Mahlzeiten und eine Portion Terra canis Trockenfutter Huhn. Sie hält so ihr Gewicht. Und fit ist sie. Dabei wird sie schon 8 Jahre im Sommer.

Sibylle, 22.01.2020

Hund und Mensch happy !

Wir füttern Terra Canis seit dem Welpenalter. Unser Süßer hat wunderschönes Fell, tolle Zähne, ist gesund und munter und da hat das Futter sicher eine große Rolle gespielt. Daher füttern wir weiter Terra Canis. Hund und Mensch sind glücklich ;) und es riecht sehr gut!

Caroline K., 28.03.2018

Nassfutter getreidefrei

Ich habe für meinen Hund alle Sorten Nassfutter getreidefrei gekauft. Er mag alle Sorten sehr gerne. Und egal ob Nass- oder Trockenfutter, mein Hund hat noch nie irgendwelche Magenbeschwerden gehabt. Er verträgt es sehr gut.

Antonella, 14.01.2018

Endlich Ruhe

Also bei unserem Mischling Zeus, 14 Jahre, nach 2Jähriger Odyssee mit Durchfall und Erbrechen, unzählige Futterversuche, endlich Ruhe! Keine Durchfall kein Erbrechen! Und aller Wichtigste unser Mimösli Zeus isst GERNE getreidefreies Nassfutter! Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz PS Schade, dass das Trockenfutter 15% Fettanteil hat. Zeus hat auch hohe Leberwerte.

L.. Attenhofer, 05.05.2017


TOP-Futter! Mein Mops liebt es so wie alle anderen Sorten auch :)

Piet, 23.03.2017