Feli Toy with catnip / lilac

  • Refillable: via a resealable opening
  • Hand-sewn: made lovingly by hand 
  • Fair trade: acquired fairly from a social project in Nepal
  • Organic quality: filling made from 100% organic catnip
  • Natural: made from natural sheep's wool
  • Safe: contains no polyester wadding which is hazardous to health
1 piece
Art.No. 920368
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100% quality and 100% love. For playing.

FELI – Sustainable cat toy from Nepal 
Our cat toy FELI is made lovingly by hand as part of a social project in Nepal. With this toy, you can make your furry nosed creature happy with a clear conscience because it is made from natural sheep’s wool and filled with organic catnip. We also do not use polyester wadding, which could be dangerous if swallowed. FELI can be refilled with organic catnip through a resealable opening for lasting fun. 

About the social project in Nepal 
In 2004, Nirjala founded a felt factory in Kathmandu in order to create a secure place of work for women from socially disadvantaged families. The company focuses on good working conditions, such as health insurance, child care for working mothers and fair wages. Today she employs over 60 women and supports their children with scholarships. 

A cooperation between Terra Felis & Catlabs 

Size: approx. 17 cm x 11 cm 
Included: Cat toy & approx. 3 portions of organic catnip for refilling