Adult Salmon

  • 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients
  • Delicious smell, high acceptance
  • 90% fish, grain-free recipe
  • Sugar-free, without preservatives & synth. flavours
  • Made in Bavaria in our own production
80g DE
Art.No. 200105 ·€24.38 / 1 kg
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Art.No. T200105 ·€23.67 / 1 kg
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100% human-grade quality of all ingredients


High acceptance


Delicious smell


Without unnecessary additives


Without animal testing


Developed with veterinarians


Salmon fillet (90 %), courgette (4 %), tomato powder, catnip*  *dried

Nutritional additives/kg:
Taurine (3a370): 2750 mg

Fish : vegetables/fruit/herbs : other ingredients : 90 : 5 : 5

Finest menus in highest quality based on nature’s recipe

With their 90 % fresh muscle meat and valuable offal, the grain-free Terra Felis menus offer a very high proportion of meat. This supplies the cat, as a pure carnivore, the important omega-6 fatty acids and the large quantity of animal protein it needs for energy production and all metabolic processes. To ensure healthy intestinal function and intestinal peristalsis, the cat needs a small amount of fibre. All Terra Felis menus are therefore supplemented with a selected vegetable and catnip. The meals are rounded off with the addition of taurine and rapeseed oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Only ingredients in 100 % human-grade quality are used. This quality and freshness is reflected in the exceptionally appetising and exquisite smell of the menus and leads to good acceptance among cats

Dietary supplement for cats.

Analytical components

Protein: 13,2 % fat content: 6,6 % crude fibre: 0,1 % crude ash: 1,2 % moisture: 79,1 %

Feeding recommendation

Adult normal-weight cat: around 60g per kg body weight daily
Example: 4 kg cat around 240 g/day, 1-3 x per week instead of a meat-based meal

Highest quality and species-appropriate recipes

In nature, cats hunt their prey for direct consumption. Each hunt means a freshly caught meal. In this way, the cat instinctively provides itself with nutrients of exceptional quality and maximum freshness. Terra Felis is based on this unique quality concept in nature. For the menus, only human-grade quality ingredients are used. This makes Terra Felis the first cat food in 100 % human-grade quality of all ingredients, setting it apart from all other products on the market in terms of quality. In addition to the quality of ingredients, a species-appropriate recipe is essential for the health of the cat. With 90 % meat and nutritious offal, a low proportion of fibre in the form of vegetables, no grain and the addition of taurine, it imitates the natural prey of the cat perfectly. In this way, the cat’s organism is supplied with all the important nutrients in the highest possible quality. 



Einfach nur super

Meine Katze liebt dieses Futter. Es riecht total frisch und gut und meine Katze ist total verrückt danach. Gefüttert wird die Lachs Dose 2-3 mal im Monat als Ergänzung zum Monoprotein Kaninchen Futter.

Lisa, 04.03.2023


Auch diese Sorte lieben meine beiden Katzen :) Lachs ist sowieso voll deren Ding. Andere Sorten mögen die beiden zwar auch, aber Lachs ist bis jetzt deren Lieblingssorte :D

Nadja, 20.11.2022