O'LIXIR Omega 3 - salmon and sea fish oil

  • 100% Human-grade quality of all ingredients 
  • Combination of valuable fish oils
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA
  • To support the immune system
  • Suitable for chronic inflammatory diseases
0.1 l
Art.No. 97094 ·€78.10 / 1 l
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100% natural


Developed with veterinarians


immune protection


Active ingredients from nature


100% human-grade quality of all ingredients


Salmon oil (50 %), sea fish oil (50 %)

Terra Felis Omega 3 - salmon and sea fish oil

Omega-3 – Suitable as a daily complement for all types of feed. The natural power combination of salmon oil and sea fish oil for an optimal supply of omega-3 fatty acids. This special oil blend from the sea is rich in the vital essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, which fulfil many important functions in the organism, support the immune system and can be anti-inflammatory. This property plays a role especially with chronic inflammatory diseases, which is why omega-3 fatty acids are used to help with skin problems, kidney diseases as well as chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as IBD, but also with joint complaints, heart diseases and tumour diseases. The fine oil can also boast another bonus: thanks to its particularly fine aroma, it can offer dogs with a poor appetite a special incentive to eat and significantly improve food acceptance.

Oils play an important role in the healthy nutrition of humans, dogs and cats. They are not only pure sources of fat, but also a valuable source of what are known as essential fatty acids. Essential means that these fatty acids cannot be produced by the body itself, but must be supplied externally through food. Essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 perform a wide variety of tasks in the organism. Among other things, they are important for a healthy immune system, a healthy skin barrier and a shiny coat, as well as being anti-inflammatory. Growing or older animals, as well as sick animals, may have a greater need for certain fatty acids than a healthy animal. For this reason, the essential fatty acids play an important role, especially with various symptoms, and are integrated into the treatment of diseases as a supplement. With the new O’lixir product range, Terra Felis is offering four different, valuable oils and oil blends to supply our four-legged friends with high-quality essential fatty acids in a natural way. "O'lixir" is suitable as a daily complement for all types of feed. Bottled in Bavaria, the oils in our O’lixir products are of the highest quality and are all 100% human-grade, without exception. Thanks to the practical presentation in 100 ml bottles, they can also be dosed individually.

Analytical components

Protein: 0.1 % fat content: 99.9 % crude fibre: 0.1 % crude ash: 0.1 % moisture: 0.1 %

Feeding recommendation

¼ teaspoon per day. Start with a few drops and increase slowly. Guidance only.

Requirements depend on the breed, age, activity, and diseases of your pet. Provide sufficient drinking water.

Before opening, store in a light-protected place at room temperature. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator.