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The exclusive Sorbet Bracelets & Terra Canis collection is now available. The bracelet collection consists of four different designs and a variety of messages that all have a canine theme – a true must-have for all dog lovers!

Wearing a bracelet from the Sorbet Bracelets & Terra Canis collection will ensure that you are always connected to your beloved furry friend. The bracelets are also an ideal gift for someone special who loves dogs as much as you do.
The bracelet doesn’t need to be removed when showering, which makes wearing them easy and comfortable.
About Sorbet Bracelets:
Sophia Mamas’s first bracelets were made for her closest friends with the idea to always be connected to them. At the time, she didn’t know that her creations would be the first pieces of her new collection. During a stay on Mykonos, where she was inspired by the energy and simplicity of the Greek island, Sophia decided to found her own label. It is her love and great attention to detail that drives Sophia to create unique pieces that matter. This is also reflected in the innovative packaging, as every SORBET BRACELET is delivered in a glass tube with a message.

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Place a bowl with the new food alongside the old food (which the cat should continue to eat for the time being) for a few days, allowing the new smell to be incorporated within the cat’s ‘prey spectrum’. As such, the rejection or ‘fear’ of the new food will gradually be diminished until it is no longer regarded as ‘strange’.

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