Molly & Stitch Collar – Bordeaux-coloured

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Molly & Stitch – “Touch of Leather” collar – Bordeaux-coloured

The dog collars carefully hand-made by “Molly & Stitch” are convincing due to their premium quality and their unique style. Owing to the use of hand-woven sailing ropes, this well-designed dog collar is not only UV- and weather-resistant, it also withstands much strain. The collars are hand-woven from four sailing ropes. Each of these ropes withstands a weight of 300kg. The chosen sailing ropes ensure easy cleaning.  

The high-quality gold-coloured fastening is made up of solid brass and is surrounded by soft greased leather, which makes this dog collar a real eye-catcher. This jewel is adjustable in size.

Available sizes:

S / length 28-32cm, width 2.0cm,
M / length 32-38cm, width 2.5cm,
L / length 36-42cm, width 2.5cm,
XL / length 40-48cm, width 3.0cm

Colour collar: bordeaux-coloured
Colour fastening: gold-coloured brass fastening
Material: sailing rope

About the brand
Molly & Stitch sets itself to make the world’s most beautiful and most innovative dog accessories for our four-legged friends. The M&S founders’ big love for dogs is reflected in the extraordinary creativity and the design of the dog collars.  
The high-quality M&S products are manufactured and designed with great abandon in Austria near the Carinthian mountains.

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Tolles Halsband

Das Halsband ist sehr schön verarbeitet und extrem robust! Es ist unheimlich praktisch dass man zur Befestigung der Leine einen extra Ring zur Verfügung hat! Die Farbe ist wunderschön, kräftig ohne knallig zu wirken. Ich bin begeistert, habe sehr lange nach einem schönen Halsband gesucht, dass zu dem noch sicher hält. Mali schaut damit sehr hübsch aus.

Schervin, 08.10.2019