Susanne Braun

Dear Terra Canis Team,

We adopted Vizsi-Amber from Hungary in November 2012. She was painfully thin and generally in a very poor condition when she came to us. Since she came, I have been feeding her Terra Canis, and I also give her your oils, supplements and treats.

Vizsi is now the picture of health, a very pretty girl who is constantly being admired for her lovely shiny coat, gorgeous figure and perfect teeth. Plus her poos are perfect, and she has never refused her food. She loves Terra Canis! And I love feeding her your food because it has such a lovely consistency and doesn’t smell at all unpleasant, like so many other foods do! Plus I like the design and, of course, it is extremely important to me that the ingredients are of such good quality, because it is important to me that my little girl only has good food. Please carry on doing what you’re doing, don’t change the recipes.

With very best wishes from Vizsi-Amber and her mistress Sue.