Hello everyone,

We are glad that so far, we haven’t had any serious disease. Your food is much loved by our dogs. We usually feed them raw foods and combine them with your Garden Casserole. We are pleased that you offer a larger range now. Furthermore, your herbal heroes convinced us as well. My Hailey (an Australian Shepherd) is a very unconfident and anxious dog in many situations.

Opening the door of the fridge alone makes her run away :(. I’ve been feeding her your herbal heroes Confidence Boost for almost 5 weeks now and believe it or not – she stays much longer in the kitchen now although the door is opened. In many other situations as well, she has become much more relaxed. We are happy that we have seen such a considerable improvement thanks to your herbal heroes. In connection with your Gold Rush, both dogs have a totally beautiful coat now. We are going to be faithful to you and can’t wait to see which other products you launch to keep our four-legged friends healthy.

Kind regards,

Steffi with Thaleia & Hailey