Si Mona

Having looked for the right food for quite a long time, I’m happy that I came across Terra Canis one year ago. My little one is very very very finicky and we have tested all the traditional ranges of wet and dry food. She was even fed raw foods for half a year. However, she didn’t like anything of that at all. Furthermore, she constantly passed winds. Since she’s fed Terra Canis, everything has been fine.

She no longer farts and I no longer have to throw anything in the garbage can because the bowl is always empty. This is not astonishing given the fact that the food smells and looks so good. No itching anymore and her coat is very soft. We only feed her Terra Canis now. The treats are also from Terra Canis only. I hope that my little dog will thus stay healthy and live many more years with us. Thank you. Your products are great.