Sarah Hoestermann

Here is our feedback for Terra Canis.

Until six months ago, little was worse for Luis, just 5 years old, than having to eat ... Even as a puppy, it was a performance with his bowl to get him to eat at least a morsel.

The most delicious treats, cold meats, food from our plates, what seemed like 100 different kinds of dog food, raw food ... He wasn’'t interested in any of it.

Occasionally he’d get a meal down, when hunger managed to win. He was often tired and floppy. Then I had another good look through the Internet, and came across Terra Canis. Next time I went shopping, I picked up 2 cans, but without expecting much. Well, we’ve now been feeding him Terra Canis for about six months, and what can I say? Luis practically inhales his food. In the mornings, he’s already waiting by his bowl before going out for the first time, whining because he wants to be fed. We still can’t believe it.

He’s far more alert again, and his coat is beautiful. The itchiness that he often suffered on his paws has gone, as have the problems with his anal glands. We are so happy. And since the Herbal Heroes were introduced, we’ve also been giving him “Primaballerina”. Luis has arthritis, and has already had 3 slipped discs. He had to have surgery for 2. After that, he was often in great pain and didn’t walk very well.

He has regular physiotherapy, and medicine. We spent a long time looking for a natural supplement to given him as well. “Primaballerina” couldn’t have come at a better time. His gait has improved dramatically. Luis can now walk for longer again, and there hasn’t been a single day when we’ve thought he was in pain. He jumped off the sofa for the first time in ages, which he isn’t supposed to do, but it did show us that he is feeling well again.

We are so glad we found Terra Canis. It has made such a difference to Luis and to us. He is just so much better. We’re never going to use any other food!