Dear Terra Canis team,

Our mini Australian shepherd (9 years old) had a tough year 2017. He had two inflammations of the abdomen. After numerous examinations, medications and different vets, we also received different diagnoses.

In March, the creatinine level was 1.3 and in August 1.5. The vet we consulted recommended renal food.

As Sammy is sensitive to poultry, fish, and beef, we were very happy that Terra Canis offers AliVet Low Protein game. We’ve been feeding it to him since September now. We also ordered the dry food game, the Struppis game and your Garden drops. I feed these treats to him in between.

He likes all these products and tolerates them very well. It would be great if the Low Protein line included more varieties, like horse, for example. But we are really delighted! Today’s blood panel has shown that your food is very good! The creatinine level decreased from 1.5 to 0.9. The vet and us are very happy about this good news, and Sammy is doing fine again. We were recommended to feed him this renal food – and we do this with a clear conscience. Thank you!!!