Sabrina C. & Yoshi

We’d like to write about our experience with Terra Canis:

Our male dog, Yoshi, has been living with us for 3 years now. He spent the first year of his life abroad and was in general susceptible to stress. When looking for the right food for a sporty live wire like him, we quickly hit the wall.

It is true that Yoshi doesn’t have any intolerances but a sensitive gastrointestinal tract. In the first months, he suffered from flatulence, bad breath typical of dogs, a regular bad defecation and a dull and very tallowy coat.

Thanks to several dog forums we came across top-quality dry food and the wet food varieties of Terra Canis.

The Terra Canis human-grade quality can be smelled in every meal, and our dog always jumps for joy when we open a can. We feed him dry food in the morning and in the evening, we regularly feed him raw meat or Terra Canis. He’s as fit as a fiddle. No more flatulence, no more bad bad breath, and his coat is soft and shiny.