Sabine Friedl

Dear Ms. Ornau,

I’m impressed with your food, and my three dogs as well. Since I feed them your food, they have no longer had any intolerances. Both of my Westies (4 years old) were always very ill from an early age. Now they are as fit as a fiddle. My Maltese baby was fed Terra Canis right from the beginning and she hasn’t needed to see a vet by now.

My Westies (4 years old) became desperately ill due to a food allergy (the vet recommended Hills and Royal Canin).

Maxim had chronic intestinal problems which led to an incurable demodicosis…after three hard years he is well now, only his miscoloured coat still shows the disease.

Yasemin had an extreme chronic pancreatic insufficiency (caused by bad food) as well as struvites…she was to take diet food (Royal Canin) her whole life, but she developed an allergy (skin eczema). After I changed her food to Terra Canis grain-free, she no longer needs artificial pancreatic enzymes and the skin reaction has disappeared as well.

Little Maya (10 months old) was fed Terra Canis right after I received her from her breeder. Up to now, she hasn’t had to see the vet.

Kind regards,

Sabine Friedl