Petra D.

If Lilly (about 11 years old) could, she would order your food herself with her iPad mini won with you. She likes eating it and tolerates it very well. As she would love to chase, I feed her rabbit, lamb and venison from the can ;). Meanwhile, I also feed her your senior line every now and then, as I have the impression that she has problems with her digestion. The same applies to the chewing articles, she vomits hard chunks (beef scalp)/bones (duck throat).

Unfortunately, since New Year’s Eve, and also due to the hunt near our residential area, she’s been a bit out of it and no longer wants to go outside. I’ll try again your Herbal Heroes “Confidence Boost”. The last time, they didn’t really provide a remedy, but I might have stopped feeding them too early.

Kind regards,

Petra Dykmann