Patricia S.

Dear Terra Canis team,

I'm really happy about the herbs. My dog has a heart disease in the early stages. Suddenly he had enormous problems with stress. Once he fainted while running. I couldn't sleep anymore and was only crying. Then we went to a specialist. He did not prescribe any medication, but we had to observe my dog’s state of health. He had a low opinion of "herbs, that's humbug."

I have tried it nevertheless, in arrangement with my actual veterinary surgeon.

2 weeks later, same strain, a bit better. Now he’s been fed the herbs since 12 August. The dog is almost like before.

Of course, I don't think it will stay that way. But we can even ride small rounds of handbike; that’s no problem. And the vet gave us the green light.

Even my vet wanted to know what I had bought. I sent her the link and she will recommend it to her patients.

I can go back to sleep; my dog can run.

I’ve never thought herbs could do that. Even if I am very receptive to "natural remedies". However, I did not expect that.

We did mantrailing today.

That’s his new hobby. He did that as if he was 2 years old. And he has no more problems with his circulation.

I hope that the herbs will never be withdrawn from sale. I have looked really everywhere to find out which products are on the market. But I haven’t found anything comparable.

I thought he had to retire, and I would have to find a successor. He is an assistant dog.

This would have been a disaster for me.

But now everything’s fine.

Of course, one day he will retire and spend this time with me as a senior and teacher. But I was so afraid to lose him. This stuff gave us hope. It gave us energy and time.

I am very happy with it. And the Feeling Comfy herbs helped him a lot against diarrhoea. He even eats them pure. I don't even need to administer them secretively.

I also recommended the herbs to others.

My dog laughs again and messes things up again. I love him for that.