Nicole Schuda

Dear Terra Canis Team,

I would quickly like to give you some feedback. We have had Samson, our 18-month-old Staffie mix, for just over six months now. As far as food is concerned, he is extremely sensitive.

He can’t eat grains of any kind, rice, and some kinds of meat. As well as diarrhoea, he also gets an unpleasant itchy rash.

The vet suggested we try a hypoallergenic dry food. But as I don’t like giving him dry food, I decided to try the hypoallergenic Terra Canis wet food instead – with excellent results almost instantly! Samson’s rash quickly disappeared, and his digestive system is working as it should. We’re certainly staying with this food now. However, we do wish this series were also available in the 800-g tins! J Attached are two photos, one of before and one after we changed his food.