Nicole Baer

Dear Ms. Ornau,

Yesterday we weighed Pepper to control his weight because my husband was afraid he gained weight again as he loves his new food.

But the nice and positive surprise is that he constantly loses weight. 700g since the last weighing has been a step in the right direction and we are happy that he can enjoy his meals nonetheless, since the diet dry food was terrible.

Although we took “Eukanuba”.

Now we feed him dry food in the morning and Terra Canis in the evening until the pack is empty. And then he will only be fed his favorite tins.

I’d like to keep you in the loop.

Thank you from Pepper who weighs 27.4 kg.

Best regards,

Nicole Baer.

PS: We’ve also recommended the food to my sister who can pick up its Turkish foundling (puppy from a garbage can) in Antalya after a long quarantine.

The puppy will then be fed delicious food right away.