Dear Terra Canis team,

I was quickly fed up with dry food – my owner thought and now?! – Great!!

She consulted several dog forums in order to find a solution. She came across Terra Canis there and thought: “Sounds good, let’s get down to action”.

She immediately ordered several delicious products for me on the Internet, excellent quality at a reasonable price. The first tin was so delicious. I ate everything up without nagging.

There was nothing left in my bowl. I think this is a good sign.

The treats are great as well.

My dog friends smell them in my owner’s treat pouch, encircle her and beg.

We like giving them some treats because my owner says: We are friends for a lifetime – What more could you ask for?!

Well, what to say in conclusion – Terra Canis makes my small canine stomach happy.

I tolerate it very well and I would say that you did everything properly.

Kind regards, your food is the best,

chihuahua Napoleon and his owner