Monika H.

Dear Terra Canis team,

The parcel has already arrived today. That was really fast!

Two years ago, I got my Tango from the animal shelter and since then, I’ve been feeding him your tins. At first, I ordered from you directly. When I discovered that the shop Dehner sells them as well, I bought them there. It’s the best food on the market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeding dry food was out of the question as I didn’t consider it appropriate for dogs. Furthermore, the ingredients deeply shocked me.

Having seen in your online shop that you offer dry food now as well and having read the ingredients, I became curious und ordered only a small bag at first since Tango only knows wet food.

When I opened the bag, I was really speechless. It does not only look great, it also smells good. Well, Tango was crazy about it. We both were of the opinion that your dry food must become part of the menu.

Kind regards from the Allgäu

Monika H.

Dog greetings from Tango as well. He developed wonderfully and as you can see he’s dreaming of the delicious dry food.

Regards to Ms. Ornau as well. This dry food is a unique achievement. Something of this kind does not exist on the market yet. The price for this excellent quality is absolutely justifiable!!!! Unfortunately, many dog owners do not attach importance to the quality of their dogs’ food. I really know a lot of dogs and they are fed dry food from Lidl, Aldi, etc. ONLY.