Miriam & Loki

Dear Terra Canis team,

Today I want to tell you how happy and thankful I am that there is your food. My oldest dog from Spain had a gastric torsion in the end of 2013 and a chronic pancreatitis as a consequence. After he had lost 17 kilos, from 39 kilos to 22 kilos, and we had fought a long time that we have him with us a bit longer, I came across your food after lengthy inquiries and tests concerning different feeding methods and food types/varieties.

Contrary to the vets’ recommendations concerning appropriate food types for pancreatitis (which didn’t lead to a gain of weight with my dog), he weighs almost 34 kilos. As he reacts to chicken/poultry, and fish with allergies and colitis, I feed him Terra Canis venison grain-free and we are very satisfied. Although he needs a lot of your food every day (about 1800g) to maintain his weight and he literally eats me out of house and home, I won’t take any risk and feed him your food as long as he’s with us. I thank you for the excellent quality of your food which can be seen with my dog. Kind regards, Miriam and her greedy-guts Loki (10 years)