Dear Terra Canis team,

I just want to say how great your food is! Mira was operated on her knee on Thursday as per TPLO method and it will take some time until she has recovered.

As, of course, I can’t feed her a lot due to her lack of exercise, big tins are somewhat less than perfect and go off fast…

I’m buying mini tins now and add your Garden Casserole (so that it looks like more food), and a bit of your Gold Rush. Thus, she takes her antibiotics and her painkillers. At the same time, I feed her your Golden Paste to strengthen her immune system.

I hope Mira will recover very soon so that I can feed her the big tins again.

The only downside is the lack of choice concerning the mini tins. However, for this short period of time, Mira will do without her favourite varieties. ;)