Mila Mila

Dear Terra Canis team,

I wanted to give you feedback.

This is my cute little Amy which is one year and 4 months old. I always wanted the perfect food for her and started raw feeding. After a while, she no longer tolerated it, had an extremely upset stomach and vomited incessantly. I was very desperate because I didn’t know what to feed her.

I didn’t have enough confidence in other food, I wasn’t sure where the meat came from and whether it contained by-products. Then I came across your food and I was so delighted. 100% human-grade food.

No by-products, no artificial additives. That was the perfect food for my cutie, she loves it.

And thanks to your oils, her coat has become so soft. Your food is the only one I have confidence in. And I’m so glad that you’re there, because one can have confidence in you and has really great food for their dogs.

By the way, I tasted the food myself and it is delicious, sometimes I nibble when I open the tin, hihi

Keep up the good work!

You’re gorgeous. Thanks from Amy and me