Martina Ruland

Dear Terra Canis team,

The food is simply marvellous! I have a big poodle which always had problems with food (diarrhea) and a Bulgarian stray dog whose coat was dull and whose teeth and health condition were bad.

And now it has become a beautiful dog with a shiny coat. At first, Toby wasn’t able to walk for a long time, right away he was exhausted and now – after 5 months living with me and getting good food – he’s as fit as a fiddle although he only has three legs. He’s 3 years old now and will surely live a long time.

By the way, my dogs are slim, our vet is impressed and I’m so happy that I read the article about Terra Canis in “dogs” at that time…

Kind regards from Martina Ruland and her poodle Aaron and her mongrel Toby