Marion Schiffers

Dear Terra Canis team,

You asked me about my experience with the „herbal heroes“. We, which means my Lumi (a 12-year-old Yorkshire Terrier) has been fed the herbal heroes, which have been mixed with Terra Canis wet food (grain-free) every day since February 2016.

The reason why I started to feed him this was the following: In December 2015, he had a cruciate ligament rupture in his hind leg and only walked on three legs. According to two different vets, he should have been operated on, but as he is still very agile despite his age, I didn’t want him to have a forced break of about six weeks after his surgery. That’s why I tested your herbal heroes (Prima Ballerina) and nursed him. Most of the time, he determined his speed himself. In March 2016, Lumi started to walk on four legs more and more often and since April, he’s constantly been walking on four legs. He started to rush around again, runs the stairs up and down and jumps like a young dog. To be honest, I didn’t expect such a positive effect.

Kind regards to the entire team from Lumi and his “mum” Marion