Mareen Michaelis

Dear Terra Canis team,

We wanted to write you about our experience with your wet food.We’ve been feeding your wet food for about more than half a year now and Lieselotte (mini beagle, almost 2 years) tolerates it very well.

Beforehand, she often had problems and had diarrhea, flatulence, heart burns, and vomiting. She even suffered from esophagitis… Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to solve the problems with her anal gland yet, but it has already improved a lot. During these almost two years, we tested so much food (we had to test it, as unfortunately, we have a sensible plant) that we were on the edge of despair. She didn’t tolerate any dry food and she didn’t eat wet food. We then came across Terra Canis… The first wet food she eats right away and likes to eat…

(The bowl was pushed across the kitchen so that the last bit could be eaten)

Well, we are absolutely satisfied and maybe want to test the dry food as well…

Kind regards,

Lieselotte and Mareen