Madlen Bernhard

Dear Terra Canis team,

This is Max with his Kautschos. For about 1 ½ years, I’ve been feeding him Terra Canis. We came across Terra Canis thanks to media. For quite a long time, my Max vomited again and again. Nobody knew what it was.

I really felt bad for this fellow. At some point, I came across Terra Canis on the internet. Wow, food without any by-products. I read up on it and thought that we would have to test it. It couldn’t get worse. A short time after feeding him your food, no more signs of nausea and vomiting. Now I only feed him Terra Canis and the Kautschos are the best out there. He’s most excited about the special menus such as the Terra Canis Winter Dream. He digs it and yes, I admit that he also eats it in summer (the Winter Dream). Keep the good work going and keep launching such good menus.

Your fan Max and his owner Madlen