Luna, Patrizia und Denis

Dear team,
  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  My Luna will turn one in October 2021. She is a pedigree French bulldog.
  Generally speaking, pedigree dogs are more susceptible to health problems.
  And Luna was no exception! She had to take antibiotics at a very early age😪
  Until 4 weeks ago, Luna had no appetite. She looked gaunt and she wouldn’t touch her food.
  Every day was filled with worry. So many questions ... What are we doing wrong?
  Why doesn’t she like her food? Why does she have diarrhoea? She looked so sad.
  Some nights, I barely slept and would cry myself to sleep.
  There was something wrong with Luna’s bowel😫
  But one day ... 🤓
   ... I finally discovered you – Terra Canis!
Luna started enjoying her food again. She ate and ate – to the point where she became greedy. It was amazing how her stomach settled down within a week. It was so surreal🙈
  I just couldn’t believe it 😍 My husband texted me at work: ‘Guess what, love! Luna has eaten all her food and her poo looks so healthy.’
  You can’t imagine how happy we are.
  Luna is our baby and I’m your ambassador hahaha
  I was so excited that I really promoted you at the supermarket.
  It’s so important to spread the word!!
  I was so happy that I cried tears of joy!
  And now, I would just like to thank you.
  Thank you for everything you do! I support you – and I want to see you grow!
  Where I come from, you would say ‘mille grazie!’🤗
  Please keep up the good work.
  Lots of love,
  Luna, Patrizia and Denis🐕👫