Hello everyone,

Yes, we are totally impressed with your offer. We feed your dry food, wet food as well as the delicious Garden Casserole.

Luis (6 years) was hit hard last year. Polyarthritis, house dust mite allergy and anaplasmosis at that :(, fever attacks, etc. And all that from a tick :(.

Since he’s so ill, we’ve always had to change food. But then we came across Terra Canis.

He tolerates it best and he seems to like it :D. It is true that it smells fine. Furthermore, we feed the Golden Paste to him. It is unique and he’s been walking much better since then.

We’ll go on like that and our dog will only be fed Terra Canis. I don’t mind spending more money even on the treats :), as it’s worth it.

Kind regards from Celle,

Carmen, Heidi and little paw from Luis :)