Karl Steiger

The story of how we discovered Terra Canis…

Our dog Mella (crossbreed) is now a year old. We adopted her from a rescue centre in Hungary, where she was born, when she was 5 months old.

At first we fed her dry food. She really didn’t smell very nice (well, all right – she stank), had constant problems with her poos (mucous from her bowels and a bloody discharge), developed an intolerance to all sorts of meat and carbohdyrates, and wasn’t putting on weight – in other words: her digestive tract wasn’t absorbing enough of the nutrition that she was consuming.

After trying various other kinds of dry food and numerous visits to the vet, at their advice we started cooking special food for her ourselves.

After cooking well over 100 lbs of beef and spending hours at the cooker, we searched the Internet for a food that was made from natural ingredients and contained no additives, and that was when we found Terra Canis.

After spending 3 weeks carefully making the transition from our own cooked food to wet food, oils and herbs from Terra Canis, that was the end of any problems with Mella’s digestive system.

She is now at a healthy weight, and can safely eat any Terra Canis food.

I can and I will recommend this product to other people with absolutely no reservations at all!

The company’s excellent customer services department is also worth a mention! (Which is by no means a given today anymore. L)