Karina & Benny

Dear Terra Canis team, dear Ms. Stephan,

As you know, Benny is suffering from a chronic gastroenteritis due to a food allergy.

This summer, we changed his food completely to Terra Canis – all treats included.

This week, the first big checkup since then took place in the veterinary hospital with ultrasound and a detailed blood test.

Much to our joy and much to the amazement of the vets, ALL blood values (also B12 and folic acid) were in their normal ranges. There were only “green bars” in the computer printout. And the ultrasound showed no signs of his disease.

What do you think of that?

Of course, we continued to promote Terra Canis, but I had the impression that no one believed me. Unfortunately, many vets sell other food (THE WRONG ONE!!!). Too bad for all ill animals who could be cured thanks to Terra Canis.

We are glad that we have found you.



Karina and Benny