Josephine Wenzek

Here is my story about Terra Canis: I got my Fibi from a breeder – caged and exploited as a reproductive dog. Her condition was bad. She was allergic to grass mites, gluten and lactose. She doesn’t tolerate raw food, either.

She had 1-2-weeks-old scars from a Cesarean section and a castration, her teats were sore, hanging and full of milk. She had spots scattered on her body and a crouched and scared posture. Her eyes told me about the terrible experience she had made the two years before.

After consulting the vet quite often, a non-medical practitioner, a physiotherapist and a dog trainer, I changed the food. After quite a long search, I came across Terra Canis. The contents correspond to my requirements and above all to Fibi’s needs. Her blood levels have improved from bad to great since I changed her food, since she does sports and since she’s cared for so well. Mummy loves you.