Jessica A.

Dear Terra Canis team,

Joana and Bounty drew my attention to Terra Canis. Joana already answered some questions in advance.

We are currently switching from dry food (of another brand) to your wet food “horse”. What can I say – he loves it!

He gets the wet food in the evening and bursts with joy when he knows he’ll be fed the “delicious food”.

I can say that he hasn’t suffered from diarrhoea so far - which is saying something, as he is very sensitive as far as other food is concerned. Furthermore, his coat has become very soft.

This week we are going to switch the food completely, and I hope he’ll continue to tolerate it that well. I’ll also add the Golden Paste and the herbal heroes “Prima Ballerina” afterwards. The ingredients are perfect for my 10-year-old dog, as he suffers from arthrosis and joint problems.

Kind regards,

Jessica Altmann