Jenny & Elos

Dear Terra Canis team,

Some days ago, I received a surprise/thank-you parcel from Terra Canis.

I’m very glad that we have discovered Terra Canis, as after Elos had to undergo an operation last year, he no longer tolerated raw meat.

We tested countless food brands, but unfortunately, he always had to vomit. Then we came across Terra Canis.

Opening the can alone was a positive surprise. The food looked a hundred times more delicious than the food you are used to.

Our little Elos tolerated the food very well right from the beginning and we could finally cocker him.

Let’s now turn to the parcel. What did it contain?

-> 2x400g wet food: Lamb with spring vegetables & tuna with mango

-> Treats Strolchis: Duck with banana & chamomile, grain-free

-> Gold Rush, precious oil mix, 250 ml

Composition: hempseed oil (45%), linseed oil (30%), rose hip oil (10%), argan oil (10%), black cumin oil (5%)

-> magazine “Doggy Telegraph”

As we cannot feed raw foods anymore, Terra Canis really is a great alternative. If you look for good food, I can warmly recommend Terra Canis.