Jenny & Baily

Dear Terra Canis team,

I’d like to thank you with all my heart.

My female dog Baily is 4 years old and until approximately half a year ago, I was desperate. I checked out every imaginable food.

I bought ridiculously expensive luxury food, I bought Cesar, countless wet food from home brands, dry food, raw food, flake food with fruits/vegetables, but my dog never felt fine afterwards. Almost every time she had to vomit one hour after eating. Even the day after she still regurgitated bile. I was really desperate. Then a friend of mine told me about Terra Canis Hypoallergenic. Not really cheap, but I had to try it. I engaged myself in Terra Canis and I was really impressed by the company philosophy as well. The well-being of the dog has still priority. I then bought chicken and beef to test it. Unbelievable, but true - right after the first feeding, my dog didn’t have to vomit. She hasn’t vomited at all since that. That took a load off my mind and Baily can’t wait to enjoy your delicious food every day. What really made a positive impression on me was the fact that when I open the can, it smells very good and one could think that it’s ME who I’m cooking for.

I’m so happy that I’ve discovered Terra Canis.

Thanks a million for putting so much effort in producing such great food for our four-legged friends! THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!

Jenny & Baily