Jennifer T.

Dear Terra Canis team,

It’s high time for a feedback…

I have two female Australian shepherds (11 years and 9 months) which mean the world to me. For years, I’ve been preparing food for my senior dog myself due to her disease. I received the younger dog when she was 8 weeks old. I accustomed her to dry food whose ingredients shocked me.

I came across your food when I was looking for high-quality canned food as I didn’t want to rear my young dog with this abysmal dry food and I didn’t dare to prepare food which is sufficiently well-balanced to ensure a perfect development and a good bone growth. That’s why we started to feed her puppy food and now, we are beginning to slowly change to “normal” food. Well, I’ve been feeding diverse types of Terra Canis (can) for half a year now and I’m completely enthralled. Scent, consistency, acceptance, composition, tolerance and taste (I’ve tasted it myself) are excellent. Your products seem to be unique on the market and the big choice of types and compositions (grain-free, low in allergens, etc.) are an additional asset. Thanks to the grain-free line, when travelling, I can finally offer my senior dog food because of which I don’t have to have remorse. Before, when we went on a journey, I only gave her pure meat cans. I bought the vegetables in addition. However, I couldn’t find any producer whose declaration satisfied me, and not just approximately. Animal by-products as far as the eye could see. Your food was and is a gift. It’s the first and only dog food I would eat myself.

Thank you for the expertise and care you deploy. Now I only regret not having come across your food earlier. I can’t thank you enough. You make many things easier for me and give me a good feeling when feeding my dogs. Please keep up the good work!

Kind regards, Jennifer T. with Cookie (11 years) and Bounty (9 months)