Jana Krupa

Dear TC Team!

Well, let’s give you our feedback now. J Gimmy came to us from Italy in 2011. A stray, his age was put at between 8 and 10 years, and he very quickly conquered our hearts.

Everything worked out so well. Apart from the food problem. You might think that a stray could eat just about anything, but you’d be wrong. Gimmy always had problems with bowel sounds, vomiting and diarrhoea. And constant hiccups! We tried everything – literally everything. I don’t know how many bags and cans of dry and wet food I took to the animal shelter, because it didn't take long for any new foods to disagree with him. We even tried “BARF” – wrong again. We read books, nutrition brochures, you name it ... and then quite by chance, I discovered Terra Canis. All I can say it: WE ARE BEYOND SATISFIED!

Even after several weeks he’s not vomiting, he hasn’t got diarrhoea, and his coat is now lovely and thick ... AND (almost best of all!): NO MORE HICCUPS! I am absolutely over the moon, not least because there is such a vast range of varieties. J And above all: Gimmy really enjoys it! The treats are great, too (I have to say I’m really taken with the fruit and veg drops. I’ve even tried the fruit drops myself). JJ Keep up the good work! We’re never putting anything else in his food bowl! J