Jacqueline Hafermann

Dear Terra Canis team,

I wanted to write you about my experience with your menus concerning quality and tolerance.

After a long seesaw, we came across your “senior” menus. It is true that my two viszlas are still quite fit, but my male dog had digestive problems after five years of raw feeding. According to my vet, I was to change to wet food. That’s what we did and after less than one week, my male dog was doing better. He no longer had stomach aches at night and in general, he was doing better. As far as the tolerance of your food is concerned, I can only say “top”. Defecation only once in the morning and that’s it. The rest is used that well that they even gain weight every now and then. Concerning other manufacturers, this has always been a weak point. We are happy to feed our dogs Terra Canis senior menus.

Best regards,

Nika « Knöpfchen » & Thani