Dear Terra Canis team,

I’ve been fed Terra Canis in the evening since I was a puppy, which I love to bits (I prefer wet food to dry food, which I’m fed in the morning ;)). I don’t have a preferred tin, I like everything: beef, salmon, venison, etc.

My owners were recommended your food by the breeder and as I love it that much, they have never bought another brand.

Once I had an upset stomach. During that time, I was fed the Terra Canis gastrointestinal menu. Within a short period of time, the problem has gone. Also, when I was on holidays in Croatia, I was fed the gastrointestinal menu as a preventive since the stomach is sensitive in the South due to the heat and the salt water. I had had problems with my stomach two or three days before -I had diarrhea and I was worn out. However, I felt better very soon, which certainly also results from my good food ;).

I believe that my owners like the scent of my food as well; they say that it doesn’t smell like typical dog food (which is said to stink). They even joke around and say that we could offer it our guests for dinner.

Kind regards,

Edina and my owner Marion S.