Eddy & Thesi

Dear Terra Canis team,

My chihuahua Eddy has a sensitive stomach (intolerance) and we had difficulties finding the right food.

As we had to change his food permanently, he started to become fastidious. At some point, I was wondering if there is any food without additives or grains.

Right away I found something on the Internet and I came across your food. I started to feed your wet food.

In the beginning, my dog devoured it. Meanwhile, he no longer eats it, unfortunately. However, this has nothing to do with you. He just doesn’t like wet food anymore. This is no problem, however, as I buy your dry food now and he loves it.

Another advantage of your food is the fact that it smells very tasty. Whether wet food or dry food, you always smell the ingredients and feed it to your dog with a clear conscience.

I’d like to thank you as Eddy is finally doing better. Finally, he no longer has problems with his gastro-intestinal system. Furthermore, his coat has become extremely soft.

Kind regards from Eddy & Thesi