Dustin & Boboline

Dear TC-team, and hello to all pelt-nose owners 🙋🏼‍♂‍
Who has asked themselves, which food is the best for their four-legged friend?
Our expedition started about one year ago. My „Boboline“ had been fed only freshly cooked, or dried food until then. Especially for French bulldogs, it isn´t easy to find the perfectly suitable feed. If it is incompatible, it can cause constant flatulence, indigestibility, or rejection, which has been extremely stressful for us. Unfortunately, she received a very unsettling diagnosis last year as well- a tumor on her lower jaw. 😢
She already had problems eating solid food, due to the fact that chewing became very difficult. Therefore, we needed a healthy and diversified wet food alternative very quickly. After trying many brands that were not satisfying, we finally discovered Terra Canis. Lovingly and carefully combined ingredients, a delicious smell, and visually appealing, it was hard to believe it came out of a can!
She loved it immediately. Meanwhile we´ve tried all varieties, and she loves them all. 😊.
No more flatulence, 100% digestible, and everytime a little fireworks full of joy when I opened the can.
TC, you´re really super. For us, there is no alternative anymore. So, as long as you accompany us, we´re looking forward to all of the future fireworks.
Treat your four-legged friend to only the best. Don´t consider the price. With this exceptional food, give your pelt-noses, all the love back that they give you every day of their lives anew.
Stay healthy, and lots of love ❤️
Dustin & Boboline